Our Story

Meet the founders

Galit and Shlomi Horowitz have a personal connection to the mission of LevLA. It makes them uniquely suited to run the organization. Not everyone knows how to support someone confronting a health challenge, but Galit does, because she's been there. Read her story below.

We live in a world where so many people need help and there are simply not enough people to offer it. One couple in the heart of LA is working to break that paradigm by dedicating their lives to caring for others.

Meet Galit and Shlomi Horowitz, who have put their own savings and loans into creating a hospitality home for people who cannot afford accommodations in proximity of the world-renowned hospitals that LA boasts—Children’s Hospital, Cedar Sinai, UCLA, and more.

Their dream is to provide care, assistance, guidance, and a loving Jewish environment for families undergoing health challenges with loved ones. Galit’s personal story starts five years ago with her late husband, Noam Capri. At the time, the couple had been together for seven years, trying fruitlessly to conceive children, until one day, G-d gave them their miracle and blessed them with two beautiful baby girls—twins. A mere month after the birth of their daughters, Noam was diagnosed with heart failure. He would need a heart transplant, immediately.

This was very difficult on Galit and the newborn babies, as she found herself taking care of the girls herself. Two months after his diagnosis, Noam received a heart transplant.  At the time, Galit and the girls lived in the San Fernando Valley, and she traveled back and forth from Cedar Sinai DAILY⁠—sometimes twice a day. As a new mother with twin girls, she lost any semblance of a normal life, spending the majority of her days in the ICU, bringing the twins with her when she had no one to care for them. 

After her husband Noam recovered from his heart transplant, he finally came back home. After only a month, he got the West Nile Virus. As Noam’s body fought his new heart, he fell into a coma. Galit was back to living part-time at the hospital. Noam spent three months at Cedar Sinai and Kaiser, and he was then moved in and out of nursing homes. Galit and her family lived this way for three and a half years, relying on the kindness of her friends to help, sleeping at the hospital when she was not able to stay at a friend’s.

Being a new mother to twins after having such a difficult time conceiving and fearing for her husband’s life every day, Galit’s daily life was stressful and difficult. In her own words, Galit “no longer felt human,” as her entire life revolved around caring and being strong for others. Heartbreakingly, Galit’s husband Noam eventually passed away...and from this great loss was born a great dream, which would one day be realized by the help of Galit’s incredible second husband. Shlomo, who loves Galit’s daughters as his own, shared a similar love to Galit’s late first husband: they loved to care for others and to host others, to create community.

Now Galit and Shlomo have a mission: to host families of patients in surrounding hospitals, for FREE, and to give them a real sense of comfort and home. Galit is all too familiar with the loss of self that comes with caring for a patient, and because of that, the couple’s dream is to create a place where family members can stay and have their own nice, clean, and comfortable space, while receiving hot meals every day, and having the opportunity to partake in Shabbat dinner with the couple’s community (they host Shabbat dinners and Galit teaches Torah to many women).